Dr. Khalid Elgazzar

Assistant Professor, Canada Research Chair in the Internet of Things (IoT), Canada - Ontario Tech University

Dr. Khalid’s research explores the link between physical infrastructure and technology innovations. He’s uncovering new information on the expansion of Internet-enabled computing devices and advancements in wireless technologies. His research findings have applications for the seamless interaction of smart services in areas such as health care, transportation, industrial automation, emergency response and law enforcement.

All Sessions by Dr. Khalid Elgazzar

3:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Hall 1

Keynote Speech #2: Road Boundaries and Drivable Region Detection in Challenging Weather Conditions

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Khalid Elgazzar


Road region detection is an essential perception functionality to the mobility of autonomous vehicles. It can also help human drivers to drive safely in challenging weather conditions such as low visibility, snow storms and heavy rain. The majority of current road region detection techniques use camera and lidar sensors, but they struggle in inclement weather conditions due to the limitation of feature extractions in these conditions. In this talk, I am going to highlight how we use MMwave radar to provide accurate road region detection in challenging conditions. I will also describe a novel approach to overcome the sparse resolution of mmwave-radars to provide better results in image segmentation tasks.

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