Eng. Hossam Yahia

Chief Technical Officer of automotive systems and VP of Autonomous Driving Systems at Brightskies, Egypt

All Sessions by Eng. Hossam Yahia

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Hall 1

Panel Discussion: Smart Mobility Triad

Moderator: Dr. Alaa Khamis

  • Dr. Ismail Zohdy
  • Eng. Hossam Yahia
  • Dr. Ahmed Mosa
  • Dr. Wael Sayed El Zanaty
  • Eng. Pensee Esmat


The widespread deployment and the societal acceptance of smart mobility technologies depend not only on the maturity of the technology but also on the availability of a well-developed governance framework and the proper city planning to accommodate these evolving technologies. This means that smart mobility depends on a triad of complementary factors; technology, city planning and governance. This panel discussion addresses how government, city planners, and technologists can work together to respond to changes in people and cargo mobility systems and services.

12:45 pm - 1:15 pm
Hall 1

Keynote Speech #3: The Ecosystem Mechanics for a Smart Mobility System

Keynote Speaker: Eng. Hossam Yahia


In modern cities, both the problem of mobility and the solution tools are different than old cities. Needs like Clean air, efficient use of parking locations, Efficient and safe goods transportation and traffic jam reduction have been approached by new technologies including electrical vehicles, autonomous vehicles, and ride sharing. Inter-operability between land, marine, and air transportation will allow the optimal transportation throughput with minimal trip time. Smart Mobility refers to the combination of those new problems and the smart technologies used to solve them. This speech will focus on the eco-systems that need to be created in order to manage the different stakes of technology providers, transportation management authorities, legal authorities, and manufacturers of transportation vehicles. What is special for the Arab and middle-east region?, and how can the region’s countries make the best use of smart mobility are some of the topics highlighted in this speech.

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